Gedachte Stadt (Imaginary City)

HD video, 80min stereo, 32 drawings /2015

How does Innsbruck look like in the heads of its residents? The perception of the city with its characteristic places depends on the point of view of each individual. The priority is given not as much to architecture as to the cultural and social exchange, that you can experience in a place like Innsbruck.

All of us carry a map in our heads to find a way around in our life. But how does it look like, which places are important, which not so much?

That’s a central question that is being explored in this experimental video art project. Several Innsbruck residents were asked to draw a city map from their memory. This process captured on video becomes a common narrative about the city and places that it brings to life.



The project was funded by stadt_potenziale innsbruck 2013.
Das Projekt wurde im Rahmen der stadt_potenziale innsbruck 2013 gefördert.